mercredi 24 septembre 2008

One Night of Love
Nothing more nothing less
One Night of Love
To put my head in a mess


lundi 22 septembre 2008



One more week and ...

What was #1 when i was born?

March 21st 1983 ... "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson
not that bad, mmh?

vendredi 19 septembre 2008


Met her on a blind date, helping out an old mate
Waiting at the corner, she’s be dressed in black
There was I expecting a really tasty bird
He said she was good looking, I should have doubt his word
When I saw her there she was a real disgrace
I thought nice legs shame about the face

I had to take her dancing, I couldn’t let her down
So we caught the bus to the other side of town
Out upon the dance floor, I wasn’t getting far
So I had a drink with my friends up at the bar
I asked them what they thought of her they fell about the place
And they said nice legs shame about her face

She said could we go bowling,
I said that would be fine
But when I bought the tickets
She’d already changed her mind
She was turning out to be a real hard case
Nice legs shame about the boat race

Downed a gin and soda, tapped me on the shoulder
Whispered in my ear it’s getting kind of late
When I took her home we hardly said a thing
I walked her to the door, expected to go in
She looked me up and down and really put me in my place
She said nice legs shame about your face
Nice legs shame about your face

mercredi 17 septembre 2008


Last week I had in intense dinner with few friends, all of them are really into music.
They did a short list of their best albums ever that I need to get AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
Here are 3 first i received this morning, I can't wait to listen to it :

David Bowie "Low"
Prince "Parade" (Under the Cherry Moon OST - that i havent seen)
TalkTalk "Spirit of Eden"

If you wanna send me your list, I'm more than open!

mardi 16 septembre 2008

hey hey
new blog, first post!
look at those amazing shoes i bought yesterday morning, before going to my office
nice way to start my week, wearing My New Repetto Garbo makes me feel so good !